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With a growing team of over 200 physicians and nurse practitioners dedicated to providing quality primary care, members work together to build capacity while supporting each other through the Langley Division of Family Practice.

Regardless of where you are from, if you are interested in working with the Langley Division of Family Practice, we would love to hear from you. Let us tailor a tour and share our community, introduce you to our practices, hospital and flourishing neighbourhoods. One call does it all! We will help guide you through the requirements you need to meet to practice here, but here is a quick overview:

If you’re moving to British Columbia from another Canadian Province or Territory

Moving to BC from another province or territory, you will find that the licensing regulations vary greatly from one profession to another. All health professionals wanting to work in BC must be registered or licensed by the local regulatory authority responsible for their profession.

Keep in mind that the licensing regulations here may be different to those of your current jurisdiction.

Langley Division of Family Practice would be happy to assist you in meeting the regulatory needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 604 510-5081.

International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

If you’re a Canadian IMG, then there is no need to immigrate to work in BC. However, you will need to meet the licensing requirements for your profession.

If you’re not Canadian, then there are several steps needed to practice in BC. First, you must meet the requirements for IMGs. Secondly, you will need to either obtain a Canadian work permit, or apply through Canadian Immigration.

This information provided by Health Match BC.

Current Job Postings:

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Helpful Government Links:

Immigration & citizenship

Apply to visit, study, work or immigrate to Canada, apply for citizenship, a permanent resident card or refugee protection, check the status of your application or find a form.

Employment & Social Development

Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) is the department of the Government of Canada responsible for developing, managing and delivering social programs and services.

Canadian Newcomer Workbook

A helpful workbook for those planning to work in British Columbia, created by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. (PDF).

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