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Long Term Care Network

The Long Term Care Network in Langley has 8 facilities and 700 beds, there is a strong network that takes care of these patients - many are part of call systems. The Division coordinates this program so it's relatively easy to start slower and adjust as you move forward. The LTC Network is run under the GPSC Long Term Care Initiative, the initiative is intended to support physicians in developing local, scalable, and sustainable solutions that target the best practice expectations and system-level outcomes.

Long Term Care Network

As an optional addition to your practice, you can join the Long Term Care Network in Langley. Joining the network would allow you to join call groups so you do not have to commit to being on-call 24/7, you will receive a quarterly payment per bed you care for, there are paid network meetings and education events, as well as facility and division support.

Best Practice Expectations

  • 24/7 availability and on-site attendance when required

  • Proactive visits to residents

  • Meaningful medication reviews

  • Completed documentation

  • Attendance at case conferences

System Level Outcomes

  • Reduced unnecessary or inappropriate hospital transfers

  • Improved patient/provider experience

  • Reduced cost/patient as a result of a higher quality of care

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