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In Patient Care Network

In most communities, family doctors provide patient care exclusively from their practice’s office. In Langley, many of our family doctors have privileges at Langley Memorial, which means they are able to care for their own patients before, during, and after a hospital stay. This continuity of care benefits patients by having the same doctor guiding their care at every stage. As an optional addition to your practice, you could join the In-Patient Care Network.

In joining the network, you would become a member of the Group 1 on-call group as well as a Ward Rounds group; you would also be invited to paid network meetings and education events as well as receive a paid incentive from the Division. The In-Patient Care Network consists of 25 General Practitioners from Langley.

Group 1 : On-Call

Becoming a member of the In-Patient Care Network will require you to take an after hours call shift once per month. During this shift you will be responsible for all of Group 1's patients that have been admitted to


LMH. Group 1 after hours call hours are 5pm-8am Monday-Friday,

Saturday, Sunday, and Stat Holidays the hours will be 12pm-8am.

Ward Rounds

To ensure your patient is seen by a GP in the hospital there are rounds groups to cover all patients during the day. You will be in a group of ~6-7 GP's who will take turns rounding on each other's patients. You will be scheduled to round for one week, once every 6 weeks. If a call takes place during rounding hours you will be responsible to take the call for your group. Ward Rounds hours are 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, and 8am-12pm on Saturday, Sunday, and Stat Holidays.

Access to Specialists

Being in the hospital with your patients allows you to provide a more interdisciplinary form of care. You will have greater access to specialists while being a member of the In-Patient Care Network.

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