Langley is a city with a rich history.

The story of the Township of Langley is a rich and varied narrative involving many cultures and activities.

Learn more about the historic township of Langley:

Since time immemorial Coast Salish people have called this territory home. The development of Langley has been shaped by major geographical, political and socio-economic factors, but despite its recent growth, the Township retains significant heritage resources that provide a legacy of development from all eras of its history. Through a program of long-term stewardship, the Township of Langley has retained a considerable amount of its heritage character, and has broadened its initiatives to recognize the diverse heritage, spiritual and cultural values of its residents. The story of Langley includes a rich and varied legacy of many cultures and activities, including: First Nations’ habitation and enduring legacy; the establishment of Fort Langley and settlement by the Hudson’s Bay Company; ongoing multicultural settlement; a rich agricultural history; the establishment of a regional economy; and development as a modern community.

From “Township of Langley our Shared History: Historic Context Statement and Thematic Framework”, Summary by Donald Luxton and Associates INC November 2017.


Langley is a mix of several communities, each one offering a unique flair.
Explore your options below and find the perfect fit for you and your family:

Aldergrove is a small country community surrounded by farms. This community is the home of The Greater Vancouver Zoo and the Aldergrove National Park, which is an excellent place for walks, horse and hiking trails.
Brookswood is a quiet residential community. It offers plenty of activity opportunities with a civic centre, hockey and curling rinks, Skate Park and BMX Track.
Downtown Langley City
Downtown Langley City is the ideal location to spend a day shopping on beautiful pedestrian friendly streets. Downtown Langley offers a great variety of unique shops, services and restaurants.
Fort Langley
Fort Langley is a charming village with a history of more than 150 years. This small village has a historic museum with plentiful heritage buildings.
Murrayville is one of the oldest communities in Langley. It has several historical landmarks. Historical Schools and Hotels are located in this pleasant area.
North Langley and Walnut Grove
North Langley and Walnut Grove are modern communities in Langley. They have a concentration of multifamily developments. These communities provides access to modern malls, hotels and cinemas.
Willoughby and Willowbrook
Willoughby and Willowbrook are two more modern communities in Langley. This area is home to the Langley Events Centre, which has a capacity of more than 5000 people for activities, and events.

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