The Langley Division of Family Practice is about caring for our community – Healthy Families, Healthy Physicians, Healthy Communities.

The Langley Division of Family Practice is a group of physicians organized at the local level who work to address common health care goals. The establishment of local family practice divisions within BC is the result of a province-wide initiative to improve patient care, increase family physicians’ influence on health care delivery and policy, and increase professional satisfaction for physicians.

The Langley Division provides physicians with a strong collective voice and enables them to have a greater impact in their community. At the same time, the Division helps to support physicians collectively and individually, enabling them to improve their clinical practices, offer comprehensive patient services, and influence health service decision-making.

  • Dr. Carolyn Van Schagen
    Dr. Carolyn Van Schagen Board Chair
  • Dr. Daniel Raff
    Dr. Daniel Raff Board Member
  • Dr. David Chapman
    Dr. David Chapman Board Member
  • Dr. Jeff Plante
    Dr. Jeff Plante Ex-Officio Board Member
  • Dr. Leo Wong
    Dr. Leo Wong PMH Lead
  • Dr. Prab Chahal
    Dr. Prab Chahal Board Member
  • Dr. Ron Matthews
    Dr. Ron Matthews Vice Chair
  • Ellen Peterson
    Ellen Peterson Executive Director

    Phone: 604 510-5081
    Fax: 888 468-4501

  • Valerie Moshchenko, NP
    Valerie Moshchenko, NP Secretary - Treasurer

Annual Reports

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Building A Culture Of Community.

Here at the Langley Division of Family Practice we have made it a priority to find collaborative solutions to complex issues. This means we are working hard to break down barriers and bring everyone to the table, to find better ways to work together to improve the overall health experience.

We are working to strengthen the relationships between:

Family physicians and specialists

Family physicians and the hospital

Family physicians and the local community

At the same time we are building internal networks to improve office efficiencies and overall patient care, encouraging cross-discipline or cross-organizational communication while increasing collaboration, trust, and accountability.

We believe that a culture of community improves our ability to care for our patients long into the future.

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